What is it about us that stands out from the rest?

It’s our desire to provide you with not just the best incense and aromatic products that the world has to offer…
It’s also our aim to provide information and entertainment via our website.
Built out of a demand for our shop Abra Kadabra Kuranda established in the tropics of Far North Queensland Australia with over 30 years of trading, to be accessible outside of the shop and to be online.
It’s our extensive knowledge and experience with aroma and a willingness to share, source and serve that gives us an edge. We also have good prices.

We specialise and recommend Kamini brand.
Although we also can supply Hem, Nikhill, Satya Sai Baba, Spiritual Sky, Tulsi, Barath, Omani, Auroshikha, Song of India, or any other brand of fragrance in a less known brand that are considered quality fragrances, or we’ve tried them and we just think they’re really, really good.
We are also happy to order any incense, resin, natural oil perfume, solid perfume or any brand that we haven’t listed. If you have a favourite or looking for something in particular, then let us know and we will order it from the supplier for you. Please give us a bit of time to get it to you but I’m pretty sure we can find just about any incense, oil, essential oil, resin, natural perfume oil or solid cream perfume that your looking for.
We would love to hear from you in any way, shape or form. So feel free to correspond with us and we will work our magic to fulfil your every wish.🧞‍♂️

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