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Hi Happy Customers

Here at Abra Kadabra Kuranda we have gone online so we can continue to supply you with high end, top quality, fresh, exotic incense and aromatic products straight to your doorstep or post box.

Based on the fact that most people buy more that one packet of incense at a time and with freight prices rising, our incense will be sold by the box.
This not only gives you a stash but ensures you don’t run out in between orders.

Nothing worse than running out of your favourite fragrance.
Are you one of those that hate to run out of incense? Especially the one your totally passionate about at the moment?
We know. We’re here to help.

So here’s the big thing.
We sell whole boxes.
A whole box consists of six(6) individually wrapped packets. That’s six packs of the same or six boxes of a mixed variety. That’s any particular fragrances of your choice and we have plenty of great aromas for you to choose from, allowing you to experience a new release, mix & match, try a pack of something you’ve been wondering about or stick to your regular.

Make sense? We thought so.
We’re making it easy, straight forward and simple for you to feed your obsessions and keep you going until your next order and it’s cheaper this way.
Bundling saves on shipping costs and we want to get the best deal we can for you by keeping costs down.

Place on order, drop us a line, read through some of our blogs, ask any silly question. We’re used to them.

When it comes to incense, smudge and beautiful, natural perfume oils for your body, for your soul or for your diffuser or oil burner we’ve got you covered.

A big (virtual) hug from us at Abra Kadabra.


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"Every time I move, this is my 1st stop shop for house necessities. Cushion covers, curtains, floor mats even bed and couch covers! For 20+ years now, I have been buying gifts from here for all occasions.. I also shop here for myself. All the time."

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